Trademark Insurance

Why have
Trademark Insurance?

One thing for sure is that once you decide to trademark your invention you need to consider how best to protect your idea and Intellectual Property Insurance will do exactly that. The type of cover you will obtain from Intellectual Property Insurance is as follows:

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Patents are a set of rights which have been granted by a governing state, for the public disclosure of an invention.

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Trademarks are a sign, indicator or symbol used by an individual or company to distinguish its products or services.

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Copyright is a legal right created by the law of a country that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights.

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Why you need
a trademark?

Many companies need to consider registering their trade mark, areas of consideration relating to this is where your sign distinguishes your goods or services from one company to another. If you were for instance to take our logo above, this is our identity, so clients can identify us almost immediately.

We all of course recognise the gold arches of a famous hamburger company , which are immediately recognizable and so from that company's point of view, it must be protected at all cost from other people or companies using it.

To register
your trademark

The registration of a trademark must have the following: