Copyrights Insurance

What needs
to be protected?

Well, it’s a good idea to mark your copyright work with the copyright symbol © and add your name and the date, this could act to warn others against copying it.

There is, in fact, no official register for copyright, it is an unregistered right. A copyright comes into effect as soon as something is on Paper, Film, Sound Recording or on the Internet etc. The areas that copyright protects are:

Copyright, however, does not protect ideas only the way the idea is presented in a specific way.

Why have
copyright insurance

One thing for sure is that once you have produced a copyrighted piece of work you need to consider how best to protect your work and Intellectual Property Insurance will do exactly that. The type of cover you will obtain from Intellectual Property Insurance is as follows:

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Patents are a set of rights which have been granted by a governing state, for the public disclosure of an invention.

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Trademarks are a sign, indicator or symbol used by an individual or company to distinguish its products or services.

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Copyright is a legal right created by the law of a country that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights.

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So why do we need
copyright insurance?

Basically for two reasons:

The Insurance Cover

The policy will cover both legal costs to pursue or defend an allegation, and in the event that you have yourself infringed someone else’s copyright, any damage costs awarded up to the level of indemnity selected – to obtain quotes please click below:

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